Here is some stuff to keep you occupied.

Papaya [ (Very) lightweight statistics library written for Processing. ]
Visualizing Daft Punk's Harder Better Faster Stronger with a Chord Diagram [ Processing + Minim audio library + Daft Punk; Fast Forward to 1:50 unless you have all day. ]

Node Module Readme Docs. [ README docs from a select subset of node modules, compiled into HTML, formatted the way I like them; No more digging through sub-sub-sub-sub-folders! ]
Colors [ Cynthia Brewer's ColorBrewer data set meets d3.js. ]

potato potaatoh

UC Berkeley [ Getting to work with dynamics guru Oliver O'Reilly; Studying plant growth, error analysis, quaternions, and stiffness matrices; Learning just how awesome the human spine is by working on a musculoskeletal model of it; Then, finding out that the intervertebral disc is pretty dope too; Gob Ears! ]
Blog [ Updated regularly using telepathy; Where I go to post stuff I'm worried I'll forget. ]